Arai RX-7V Full Face Race Motorbike Motorcycle Crash Helmet Lid Rea

£699.95 (as of February 17, 2018, 2:50 am)

Arai RX-7V Motorcycle Helmet:



Arai RX-7V Motorcycle Helmet:

– All the advancements in technology that Arai have made to create high performing, better protecting and more aerodynamic motorcycle helmets has culminated in the creation of the RX-7V. The Arai RX-7V has been built to be the benchmark that premium motorcycle helmets are judged.

– The outer shell has been made with a newly developed resin that creates stronger bonds between the shell materials. This forms a strong shell structure whilst keeping the helmet lightweight.

– The shell itself is made from multiple layers of super fibre along with special synthetic fibres. The shell has also been created to be sleeker than any previous Arai helmet. This sleek shape is more likely to glance off energy during an accident helping to give better protection to your head.
– The newly designed Type 12 rear diffuser is longer and straightened for better aerodynamic performance. It also works alongside the �Air wing� to improve stability whilst riding.

Arai have utilized every bit of knowledge and experience they have to create the RX-7V. It has been made to be the new standard bearer for performance and protection. As far as premium helmets go the Arai RX-7V is the benchmark in that market.


– The outer shell is made from super fibre and special synthetic fibres strengthened by a newly developed resin for a highly protective and lightweight helmet

– The Type 12 rear diffuser is 20mm longer and straightened for improved aerodynamics

– The rear diffuser works alongside the integrated �Air wing� to improve stability whilst riding

– The shell is designed for a sleek shape that helps �glancing off� which reduces the potential impact energy in the event of a fall

– The Eco Pure interior lining is anti-bacterial and aims to provide fantastic comfort even when worn for longer periods of time

– The interior lining is removable and washable

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