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Hardcore enduro racing

Hardcore Enduro Racing

What is Enduro Racing?

Enduro Racing in the motorcycle world involves long endurance racing…..well it’s in the name. Enduro events tend to be held in mountainous regions such as Wales (UK), Spain, Germany, Romania and many other countries across the globe. The races involes riders to travel various distances and many obstacles en route, including hill climbs, rocks, terrain, downhill, rubbish skips, etc. Typically the format of Enduro Racing involves a number of timed stages where riders pursue the fastest time possible, such as the FIM WEC (World Enduro Championship). Visit Redbull Enduro for the latest Hardcore Enduro highlights and events.

Enduro Events

  • The World Enduro Champion (FIM WEC) was first organised in 1990 and consists of three classes, E1, E2, E3 as well as separate races for female and junior riders. The WEC is the world’s premier Enduro Championship Series, comprising of 16 on 8 two day events.
  • The International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) is the first off-road Enduro event held by FIM, previously known as the International Six Day Trial (ISDT) first being held Carlisle, England 1913. The ISDE is also known and typically stated as the ‘Olympics of Motorcycling’ or the ‘World Cup of Enduro.

Enduro Bikes

An Enduro motorcycle is essentially an off-road bike that closely resembles a motocross bike, but has additional features that make it specific for Enduro riding. Most modern Enduro bikes will have features such as headlight/tail light for legal use of public roads, as well as standard exhausts or mufflers for also public road use. Usually riders will also a have brake and clutch lever protection commonly referred to as ‘bark busters’, for their use of protecting the hands and levers from branches and…well bark. For longer distance events riders will frequently use roll charts or on-board computers for Enduro and rallies, for example the Baja and Dakar. Particularly in recent years riders gravitate towards brands such as KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, and Beta. However other brands include Husaberg, Kawasaki, Gas Gas, Honda and Suzuki. Most popular bikes such as the KTM EXC, Husqvarna; FE, TE TX FX, Yamaha WR, Beta RR, are often used by beginners, amateurs and pros alike.

Public roadway use of Enduro Bikes

Depending on the event and course some Enduro races occasionally mean the riders need to travel on public roads as well as the off-road tracks, therefore it is necessary for competitors to have bikes that are able to be used on the road. As a result manufactures in recent years have altered the Enduro bikes so that they resemble the same build and design as motocross bikes but also for parts such as headlights and tail lights, even so some manufactures state the machines are not for road use. Registering Enduron bikes will vary depending on the country that a riders wishes to ride in, for example in the UK Enduro and Motocross bikes must have a license plate, brake light and headlight for night use.

Want to start Enduro Racing?

The easiest way to start Enduro Racing is to join an Enduro Club and start racing! You may be the next Graham Jarvis.

Visit to join a club!

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