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Dashcam UK sale

Dashcam UK Sale

Dashcam uk sale {focus_keyword

Dashcam uk sale


What are dash cams used for?

With roads now more congested than ever, many drivers are turning to dash cams to provide evidence to their insurance provider if they’re involved in an accident. Their popularity was boosted by ‘crash for cash’ scams hitting the headlines, where organised gangs of fraudsters would drive in front of innocent motorists, slam on the brakes and cause the following car to crash into them, before claiming against their insurance.

Dash-cam footage from nations like Russia has also flooded popular video sites like YouTube, where poor driving standards, fraudsters and road-rage incidents create dramatic incidents. In Austria, the use of dash cams has been banned because of data protection laws, while they’re also frowned on in Switzerland. Dash cams are permitted in Germany, but you’re not allowed to upload the footage from them online.





What makes a good dash cam?

A dash cam is only worth its salt if it can record high-quality footage, determined by the quality of its lens and the resolution of the recording. A good rule of thumb is that it should be able to capture the numberplate of the cars ahead, otherwise the footage may be too poor to be used as evidence.

Almost all dash cams are fitted with a removable memory card, and to save you the hassle of having to frequently transfer large files, most are set to record in a loop, automatically overwriting old footage. Advanced dash cams also save footage that could be important, using technology like g-force sensors to detect sudden movements that could indicate a crash and save the footage. Other dash cams have a button you press after an incident to automatically protect and save the footage.

Choose a dash cam that’s user-friendly and compatible with your computer. It may be even handier to choose one that has a dedicated smartphone app compatible with your device – you may even be able to look at reviews for the app, download it and see if you like it before purchasing the device itself.


Best Dashcam 2017 – Dashcam UK sale

1Moto have reviewed many dash cams leading up to this review and blog, The dashcam Uk sale can be seen in most electrical outlets near you. Below we have gathered the best Dash cams for sale in the uk. Dashcam uk sale

Nextbase 312GW Full 1080p HD In Car Dash Cam

  • The 312GW is the dash cam solution for new or experienced motorists who want instant upload capabilities to social media, or their insurer. Market leading thanks to its connective capabilities and ease of use, this new dawn for dash cams simply reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK.
  • The device features inbuilt Wi-Fi, allowing you to download footage to a smartphone before easily sharing it with friends, family, an insurance firm or the police. After using the Wi-Fi to connect to an iOS or Android device, the Nextbase app becomes your personal mobile store for footage you want to keep and share.
  • Alongside this groundbreaking feature, the 312GW retains Nextbase’s passion for quality and ease of use. With an all-new design, its ground-breaking Powered Magnetic Click&Go Mounting system is a good example of this. This new system uses magnets and powered touch points in the mount, allowing the dash cam itself to be free from wires, making instant removal and re-application of the device simple and quick – the ultimate in convenience.
  • The 312GW also features super fast GPS, allowing you to track you journey and pin point exactly where an incident happened and the speed it happened at – potentially critical in an insurance claim.


APEMAN Mini Car Camera Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Video Recorder with Sony Sensor

  • 【FHD 1080P Video】This dash cam can support maximum 1920X1080P at 30 fps video and 12M photos, which provides important and perfect video evidence in insurance case disputes and makes your car and life more safer.
  • 【SONY IMX323 Sensor】Equipped with SONY sensor, the dash cam can bring you super night vision, which also allows to record details of the view, has great working performance in a dark environment.
  • 【4 Powerful Functions】G-sensor, motion detection, parking monitoring, loop recording, these powerful functions bring your car in a safer environment to save and lock files in emergency, to save power and storage, to record when detect vibration.
  • 【Perfect Steamline Design】Designed by the outstanding designers of the company, its streamline design can match to any mode of the car, which can show your noble temperament, unique and luxurious, it’s the integration of design and practicability.
  • 【Extra Wonderful Welfare】Purchasing this dash cam, you can get extra mini USB cable, suction mount, 3M sticker mount, car charger and a user manual, 12 months warranty, quick response, high quality and professional after-sale service. It is recommended to use a Micro SD card class 10 no more than 32GB (not included).


  • 【SONY 2M CMOS Sensor&Full HD 1080P】- With the SONY 2M CMOS Sensor, the dash cam can take high definition recording and seamless capture of both moving and still images. And its FHD 1080P function can provide you great picture quality and excellent night vision, car’s nameplates as well as street signs can be clearly captured during day and night.
  • 【170° wide angle and 6G lens 2.0″LCD 】- With the ultra wide viewing angle of 170°, you can record more detailed and wide views.For example, you can record 4 lanes of traffic instead of 2 or 3. With 6 glass fixed-focus lens, the dash cam can capture more clear and vivid vies. 2.0″ LCD can bring you more wide views and better visual experience.
  • 【Loop Recording and Automatic Shutdown】- The dash cam will automatically start seamless loop recording once engine starts after setting the cycle time of loop recording and using the cigar lighter to supply power. The dash cam can automatically shutdown without any operation after you set it to save the energy of the power.
  • 【Gravity Sensor Tech and file protection】- G-sensor can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwrote even in loop recording. In addition, you can press power button to manually lock files during video recording when there is an emergency or other sudden condition.
  • 【3 Meters Motion Detection in Car Camera】- The effective induction distance is greatly extended to 3 meters. Any subjects moving within 3 meters can be recorded. And video recording is automatically stopped if there is no object movement within 10 seconds. Please hardwire it or connect it with external battery source when parking.

HP Dash Cam front and rear Dual Lens In Car Camera DVR Full HD 1080P,3.0” IPS Screen,Built-in GPS Tracker,Night Vision,G-sensor, Motion Detection,Parking monitor

  • 【Dual cam】Full HD 1080P front camera plus 1280×720 rear camera allow to you record front and rear sight at the same time. With twice the coverage, you can have a more comprehensive picture of drivers’ daily commutes and roadside events, provide extra safe and broader field of your view. 
  • 【Super Night Vision】With an excellent performance in night with HDR/WDR, providing more dynamic range and picture details, never miss a license plate, fulfill your needs to focus and capture surrounding plate numbers at night time.
  • 【Easy installation】 You can use our readily adjustable sucker bracket. You also have a choice of our stable 3M adhesive sticker bracket which is easy to install – it will never fall down from the windshield even under strong sunlight. It comes with a 3.5meters (11.5ft) car charger which is compatible with most cars.
  • 【Built in GPS】come with GPS Geo-Tagging device to record GPS data precisely into video file, you can accurately check the location /speed /route through software on the computer.
  • 【Customer Service】Comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 24 months warranty to cover any hardware issues with your dash cam. We offer a first class support service to all our customers. All emails will be responded to within 24 hours and our aim is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons You Should Own a Dashcam

1. Driving Accidents

Getting into a car accident is one of the worst experiences imaginable. If no one is seriously injured, then the blame game starts. “You cut me off!” “You shouldn’t have braked so hard!” “I’m calling my lawyer!”

No, no, and no. We want to avoid all of this nonsense. Installing a dashcam can prevent many post-accident legal headaches by recording the facts. The driver in the above video was nearly driven off the road by a guy in a Hummer, but since he had the entire ordeal recorded, he was able to deliver an airtight case to the police. The Hummer-driver in question had 18 points added to his driving record, which is enough for a license suspension in some states


2. Parking Accidents

Sometimes the most dangerous place for your car is a parking garage. The car next to you might scrape yours when pulling out, or even worse, your ride could get vandalized.

When you leave your vehicle unattended—whether in a parking garage or your own driveway—you have no idea what could happen to it. The beauty of dashcams is that they don’t have to stop recording when you park your car. Since many are battery operated, you can leave these cameras on while you’re away.

The YouTube video above shows one person who did just that. The car—a beautiful Scion FR-S—is sitting peacefully in a garage when a minivan pulls around the corner and sideswipes it. Thankfully, the dashcam footage captured the entire incident


3. Insurance Fraud

(Warning: The above video includes several serious injuries. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Getting involved in an accident with a pedestrian is one of my worst fears. Confession time: Whenever I hit a big pothole at night, a little part of me is terrified I’ve run over a person. And believe it or not, there are people out there who actively try to get hit by oncoming traffic—they’re happy to accept a broken arm in exchange for a fat insurance settlement.

The video compilation above showcases a number of insurance-scamming Russian pedestrians who purposefully run into traffic in order to get hit by a car. Some of them just sprint toward moving cars and bounce off the hood or windshield. Some simply fall down in front of a parked car and get up feigning injuries. Thank goodness for dashcams! With video evidence like this, you’d actually stand a chance in court if someone tried to pull a fast one on you


4. Showing Off Your Driving Skills

Dashcams don’t have to be used for crashes, scuffles, and dustups. Occasionally these car-ready cameras record some pretty unbelievable footage of sheer driving skills.

Lots of enthusiasts use their dashcams to record autocross runs, trackdays, and questionable excursions on local public roads. But sometimes moments of brilliant driving can be… less premeditated.

This video highlights a South Korean driver who headed up a hill only to encounter a runaway truck. What was sure to be a terrible collision instead showcases the talent of the cam owner. The driver immediately puts his car in reverse and navigates to safety, all while the truck barrels uncontrollably forward.

(Bonus points for the acoustic “Gangnam Style” cover playing in the background


5. Documenting Your Road Trip

Some of the best vacations I’ve taken have been road trips. What begins as a means to get from Point A to Point B often turns into an unforgettable journey. You always end up finding something weird, exciting, or both on the way—something that you never planned for.

This slightly cheesy, incredibly weird, but inexplicably endearing video of a man searching for the best club sandwich in America is a perfect example of how a dashcam can be used to record your own adventure. Sure, the quest for an awesome club sandwich is pretty compelling on its own, but the sights and change of scenery along the way quickly become the real focus of the video.

What are you waiting for? Start recording your own adventure!




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