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Bicycle tracker

Bicycle tracker

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bicycle tracker

Do you love your bikes? Daft question? well if you do now is the time to react.  Bicycle theft has risen over 20% in the last 3 months

If you are looking for the best way to protect your bike against theft, and holding a baseball bat and never leaving its side is just too inconvenient for you, try bike tracking. It is so simple that even people who are virtually untouched by IT can use it. The tracker is a device that can be attached to your bike and connected to your smartphone. Generally speaking, the trackers used to be big black boxes, which were as discreet as if you accidentally forgot to undress your violet clown wig before entering the Sunday church service. However, now there are also some refined solutions that can be hidden somewhere deep in your bike’s tubes or disguised as common bike parts, such as the light or the headset.

Make sure you disguise your Bicycle tracker , You do not want somebody disabling it before you know its gone. Check the best ones we found below.



Bicycle Tracker -Taillight Bicycle tracking device

  • ✔Monitoring and communication: bicycle tracker Can hear the voice around the tracker by cell phone. Also support communication with the tracker by cell phone (OEM)
  • ✔Check the history of route on platform: Can check and replay within one year history of route of device, by web monitor center.
  • ✔Real time tracking: Real time tracking it by cell phone and platform. Also can support get location every 5 seconds, and the GPS accuracy is 5m
  • ✔GPS and Location Based Service: Location Based service also named A-GPS, when tracker in underground or tunnel, can get location by AGPS
  • ✔Multi-functions: SOS, Geo-fence, movement alarm, over speed alarm, accident alarm, voice monitoring etc. Remote control with alarm on/off function.

 How does it work?

Any time you want to locate tracker all you have to do is call the SIM phone number or send it a text message. Once connected the unit will send you a SMS Text message with a Google Maps link. If you want online tracking, then you just need to turn on GPRS and set APN, then log in APP/Web Platform.




SOS Alarm GPS Tracker Waterproof GSM AGPS Tracking System for Children / Parents / Pets / Bicycles TK1000

  • ✔GPS +LBS (Base station positioning): Dual mode positioning means double safety for kids. Achieve all day real-time location tracing ,check the position at anytime anywhere . You can track the location via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP
  • ✔SOS and Remote Monitor: It supports that in case of emergency, the child can dial the emergency number for help; it also can set up a monitoring number, parents can know the child situation in the mobile terminal and listen to the voices of children
  • ✔Real time tracking: Real time tracking it by cell phone and platform . Also can support get location every 5 seconds, and the GPS accuracy is 5m
  • ✔Geofence and movement alert:Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district ,unit will send a message to the authorized number when it breaches the district
  • ✔Multifunction gps bicycle tracker: Support Micro SIM Card (Not provided, need purchase separately), Two-way calls, SOS emergency call,GPS Tracker, Security fence, alarm warning of theft


For example, the bicycle tracker from Italy is so tiny it can be easily installed inside the handlebars, which makes it completely invisible from the outside. You only need to connect the bicycle tracker to your app profile. Once you park your bike, the system is switched on automatically, or you do it deliberately on your own – depending on the type of bicycle tracker. Now, you enter a café and stay there chatting with your FB friends until somebody comes and takes your bike. At that very moment, the investment into the tracker starts to pay off.

bicycle tracker uk sale {focus_keyword

bicycle tracker uk sale

In case of a theft, the bicycle tracker will track your bike and show its journey on your screen so you can find it and get reunited with it. To do this even better, you can share a tracking code and webpage URL with the police to enable them to check the real-time position of your bicycle. According to the guys from Sherlock, this way the police can chase the thief using their own mobile phones. Although it sounds like a great idea to us, we’re not sure how willing the police crews would be to use their own mobiles in order to find someone else’s property…







Bicycle trackers are now becoming a must have for everybody who decided’s to travel by bicycle. With thieves now so easily be able to cut through most low cost motorbike and bicycle chains its always best to take extra precautions and purchase a hidden bicycle tracker. We have listed some above which has fantastic write up’s and reviews. Also they are disguised as a normal reflective light so most thieves will not realise it is a bicycle tracker.  You can spend alot more money for some further advanced features but most bicycle trackers do the same thing. We always reccomend a decent chain or lock not just rely on the bicycle tracker to being able to retrieve your bicycle back from a bicycle thief. You can even find bicycle trackers that fit inside the handlebars which are a good. However you always have a short time frame to getting that bike back before sometime the horrible happen’s and they get striped for parts.

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