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How to stop a bike thief




Hello and welcome to 1Moto’s blog post dedicated to bike security and preventing any low life scum from stealing your motorbike. Today we will focus on How to stop a bike thief amd proven ways to stop those little gob shites taking your pride and joy. We will identify the people responsible and show your the best items on the web that can stop your motorbike from getting stolen. So grab yourself a drink , Sit back and get ready for your pulses to start to skip from anger and anxiety.


How To Stop A Bike Thief

So you own a motorbike, Welcome brother. But you are concerned of the local sharp increase of bike crime? Been a victim of a stolen motorbike. Either way the crew at have got you covered we have done hundreds of hours of research looking into the best security devices to stop those battery powered angle grinders. And ways to find out if your motorbike is being stolen. So the most obvious security measure is most defiantly a heavy duty chain, But you already know this. Here’s what I have done, Me myself have fallen victim to waking up to find my motorbike has been stolen. The feeling is as if someone has just removed your sole or killed your family dog, It is not nice. Long story short I did get the bike back and found those responsible but we can touch on all this later. So how to stop a bike thief , I would recommend two devices that will almost guarantee your motorbike is safe and secure. Now speaking from experience after my first motorbike was stolen by a bike thief. I decided to get an Alarm that came with a special key ring, This key ring will ring/vibrate/flash If anyone is to close to my bike or if my bike has been compromised. And speaking from experience when I woke up at 4AM to find somebody attempting to steal my lovely Yamaha R6 I was not impressed. Luckily with 2 heavy duty chains the poor 19 year old now cowering before me had not managed to even slightly cut one of my chains. That’s where this story ends 😉 But moving on. Who are these people , Why has the rate of motorbike theft risen by 80% in 7 months, Continue reading to find out. To buy the alarm that saved my Motorbike from theft CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALARM




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Motorbike Alarms and Immobilisers

Does your bike have either of these? By having an insurance approved combined alarm and immobiliser this would deter most thieves.A quality Thatcham approved, professionally fitted alarm system will not only put off even the most determined thief, but could also reduce your insurance premiums. It’s always worth paying the extra for a manufacturer-fitted motorcycle alarm, or motorbike alarms fitted by a factory trained technician. The complex electrics on modern bikes can often respond badly to a DIY or poorly fitted bike alarm.

Motorbike Locks

How to stop a bike thief? Perhaps the simplest and most visible deterrent, are large motorcycle chain locks or motorcycle cable locks. These should always be secured to an immovable object, such as a ground anchor, a lamppost, or another bike. Always try to thread the chain or cable through your frame if possible, as many bikes are stolen for parts and one wheel either way won’t stop some thieves from taking your bike.Motorbike disc locks can be a deterrent to the casual thief, but they will only slow down a professional by a few seconds. Professional thieves will often simply lift your bike into a van and drive away, unhindered by any lock attached to the bike itself. So you should never rely on these alone. That’s why most bikers will own a disk lock as well as have an alarm immobiliser.For safety, you should never ride with your motorbike chain locks around your shoulders or with your motorbike disc locks in your pocket. These can cause serious injury if you’re involved in an accident.

Sensible steps to bike security

Even the strongest motorcycle locks and the most sophisticated motorcycle alarms will do you little good if you park your bike out of sight and give the pros time to disable them. So it makes sense to always park your bike where it can be seen, day or night, by passers by. Try to vary the places you park so that thieves don’t learn your habits.

Secure Parking

If you are out and about, most cities have a secure motorcycle parking area for bikers. Always lock your bike to something fixed to the ground such as security loops, stands, lamps or a road signpost. This makes it more difficult to pick the bike up.Locking your bike and following the other security steps may seem like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to the stress and cost of having your bike stolen. So spend a few pounds, take a few minutes, and you can be confident that your bike will always be there when you get back.


AN INTERVIEW WITH A MOTORBIKE THIEF  [How to stop a bike thief] did not conduct this interview as we believe no motorbike thief should see daylight.

How to lock up: “Ideally not through a wheel. A wheel is easy to remove. Its great having a really secure wheel but like I say a lot of the time they get sold as spares so through the frame is great. You can’t do that with my bike so I’ve put it through the gap between the engine block and the down pipes then through the front forks which is either going to be quite time consuming (likely set the disc lock alarms off) or very noisy. Lock the chain off tight. What I mean by that is it shouldn’t have much slack between the bike and floor at all. You may have to make a cut in the chain sleeve in order to be able to do this. But its really worth it. If the chain is loose on the floor its much more vulnerable to sledge hammer attacks, freeze attacks, wedge attacks and bolt cutters.”

How to stop a bike thief: “The biggest deterrent is a secure motorcycle. Reason being there are lot of insecure ones out there and they will go for the low hanging fruit every time.”

“Remember what a thief doesn’t want is to be caught. Being caught is the biggest hazard in their line of business. Business is how most of them see it. Make your bike more risky than other bikes and they’ll go for easier pickings. Reminds me a while a go I was on foot patrol and saw a lovely Ducati 916 with a chain through the back wheel, not attached to anything. I did give the owner some advice and it was heartening to see that he did take it on board. Ultimately your goal should be How to stop a bike thief getting it in the act as likely as possible and the maximise the time it would take to steal the bike.”

“The point is, the more trouble the thief has to go to the longer its going to take. The vast majority of motorbike thieves got for the low hanging fruit. This is about not making your motorbike the low hanging fruit.”

Types of motorcycles: “The most popular bikes for thievery are sports bikes and those bikes which you see around more commonly. Reason being in an age of trackers, HPI checks and people knowing much more about how to be smart when they buy a new vehicle (so as not to buy a stolen one) its much simpler for the thief to break the bike up into parts and sell it for parts. In fact only a few weeks ago we raided a house and found 5 motorcycles in various stages of being stripped down.”

How much do you earn per bike? “It varies depending on yr/make/model/condition. About 10-12 years ago there was an out of state buyer we used to crate bikes to that had the ability to create titles for them who paid $3500 for near new 1000cc supersports. 1,000-1,500 is more typical for super sports. Harleys vary quite a bit depending on model and options, from 1,000 for a basic late model sportster to several thousand for a highly optioned fat boy, road king etc.”

A final word: “The majority of thieves aren’t that smart and half of those are on drugs, please don’t be dumber than they are.” How to stop a bike thief

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Times are changing and as I sit here writing this How to stop a bike thief .I get a notifcation to see a deliverdoo driver delivering justice to a motorbike thief. How to stop a bike thief As more and more motorbikes are stolen , More angry bike owners are reuniting and gathering in force to stomp out the crime. Maybe this is not the solution as now the Police are issuing new laws that mean police will have full powers when it comes to stopping this hooligans. They steal bikes and use them for other crimes like theft , They are evenstealing bikes from other bikers when they are stopped at traffic lights, So be cautions my fellow riders and be vigiliante. If you see a bike being pushed by another rider and it doesnt seem right… Well you are correct so please twist that throttle to catch up with them and kick them off. But either way below is a chain that we highly reccoment and an alarm that helped saved a bike a few years ago. How to stop a bike thief Follow the amazon link and get some more great deals over at 



How to stop a bike thief , Its simple. Stopping a bike thief,Motorbike thief or bicycle thief. Get a decent lock and alarm as shown above! How to stop a bike thief in the UK is getting tougher buy the day, even whilst writing How to stop a bike thief I see on social media another bike has sadly been taken to the after life. How to stop a bike thief should open your eyes and realised lock up your bike and if you are unsure How to stop a bike thief visit the links to amazon and view the reviews of other products



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